TenderVoice/TenderNoise (TVTN) is a two-faceted web-based community journalism and acoustic ecology project that collects, maps and layers sound samples and noise data across Tenderloin, a troubled district in San Francisco. By layering various data sources (buildings / streets), data types (qualitative / quantitative), data impressions (positive narratives / negative noise) and audience (novice / expert) on a common platform, TVTN project allows a wide range of stakeholders to explore, discover, understand and reflect on Tenderloin in an engaging way. This project was sponsored by GAFFTA and presented at the City Centered Festival in June 2010 as well as Urban Internet of Things Workshop in Tokyo in November 2010. The project also got published at Arup Design Yearbook 2011 (p13). Future plans entail expanding the real-time noise data logging capability and development of a physical art installation, TenderLayer.

Roles: Concept Co-creator, TenderNoise Project Manager, Co-Presenter in Workshops/Conferences
Collaborators: Mayra Madriz, Shane Myrbeck (Arup), Jake Levitas (The Hub), Eric Wu, Sha Hwang (Movity), Eric Rodenbeck, Ben Cerveny (Stamen), and others
Published in: Infosthetics, datavisualization.ch, creators project