Swings is a site-specific interactive piece, where multiple sounds, noise and narratives are layered via swinging patterns of the user. By proposing to integrate interactive swings among existing architectural structures of the urban environment, we allow people to remain immersed in the context of the city, while encouraging reflection about its layered history.

The project uses iPhone for acceleration data, openFrameworks to layer audio samples, ObjectiveC for graphical user interface elements and bluetooth speakers for sound output. To emphasize environmental stewardship, the swings are constructed out of salvaged wood from a sewing machine crate and organic manila rope.

Next steps include site-specific installations in an old mannequin factory in Williamsburg, High Line and West Side Piers.

Roles: Visual designer, Co-fabricator, Co-developer
Instructor: Jared Shiffman, Potion Design (Spatial Media - ITP)
Collaborators: Patrick Muth, Claire Mitchell