HighLine / Elevate is a pair of installations that reveal the hidden beauty of circulation patterns across boundaries of built environment. Specifically, the project explores the notion of pedestrians casting "light shadows" across architectural boundaries.

HighLine is a site-specific proposal for the16th Street and 10th Avenue intersection of NY High Line. The concept is to use the supporting beams of the structure as amplified pixels to reveal pedestrian movement above.

Elevate is the scaled-down installation that was developed for the NYU Tisch building, and exhibited during the ITP Winter Show 2011. Specifically, Elevate captures real-time crowd circulation patterns from the 4th floor (ITP) and creates an ambient real-time visualization projected onto the ceiling of the Ground Floor Lobby. The video controller allows modification of effects, ranging from relatively literal to very abstract to.

Roles: Designer, Animator (AfterEffects), Programmer (Processing+Arduino+MadMapper)
Instructor: Adam Greenfield (Urban Experience in the Network Age Class - ITP)
Collaborators: Filipa Tomaz, Kimi Spencer, Maria Rabinovich

HighLine Light Animation Rendering

Site Observation Study: TimeLapse

Elevate Projection Mapping Rendering